Commonly used mouse + key combinations

Add timeseries to a plot

On the left side of the main window there is a filterable list of timeseries.
Select one or more and drag&drop them using the Left Mouse Button.
You can selected multiple timeseries keeping either the SHIFT or CTRL button pressed.


To zoom a specific area, click Left Mouse Button on a plot and move the mouse keeping the button pressed.
Alternatively, use the Mouse Wheel or the the buttons Plus(+) or Minus(-).

XY plots

XY Plots mix together two timeseries, sharing the same time axis, to create a 2-dimensional plot.
To activate this mode, drag&drop the curve that should be used as X axis using the Right Mouse Button, instead of the LEFT one.

The vertical tracker

The vertical tracker is one of the most usefull features in PlotJuggler.
Press (or keep pressed) the SHIFT + Left Mouse Button on a plot, to display a vertical red line.
The corresponding time will be displayed at the bottom, where the horizontal slider is located, and the values of each timeseries on the second column of the table on the left side. Furthermore, the tracker activates the enabled Publishers.

Swap plots

To rearrange existing plots, you can swap them using the CTRL + Right Mouse Button.

Resize Fonts

To resize the fonts of the left timeseries list or the legend, move your mouse on top of it and move CTRL + Mouse Wheel.


Most of the time CTRL + Z does just what you expect it to do: to revert the last action.
This includes adding a plot, deleting it, add a row/column to the Tab, etc.
Press CTRL + SHIFT + Z to redo the action.

Pan View

To pan the view (translate the plotted area) use either the Middle Mouse Button or CTRL + Middle Mouse.