A powerful and extensible tool to visualize timeseries

PlotJuggler is an open source desktop application designed from the ground to analyse logs containing thousands of timeseries.

Lot of data? That's OK

Display your data on multiple plots, tabs or windows.
Once you arranged your plots, save their position as a reusable layout.

Fast and intuitive

Your time is important and we don't want to waste it.
For this reason, PlotJuggler uses an interface that is straightforward and easy to learn. Add data, split view, zoom and more with a click or a movement of your mouse.

Static logs or live streaming?

PlotJuggler uses an extensible plugin system to easily extend the number of parseable data sources. Data can be collected eather from file or a streaming service.

The perfect ROS companion

PlotJuggler supports ROS, the Robotic operative System, through plugins. Users can load rosbags, subsribe to topics or republish messages.
There is not better way to debug your ROS application than using PlotJuggler and RViz together.

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